Monday, 8 June 2009

Building a chicken coop scam? Building a chicken coop review

You might have noticed that I always recommend to you some product only after I bought it or even used that myself.

I bought "Building a chicken coop" too, for my grandpa because he loves chickens but when he tried to build a chicken coop, it became his headache, the old ones are bought from neighbors but are too old and not easy to clean.

Actually when I printed that for my granpa, he didn't read it immediately. And that book was later read by my little nephew.

Only when my little nephew built up a little chicken coop himself does my granpa begin to surprise and read then.

Why? Because my little nephew was born in 1999, so you can count how old is he now. And he built a smaller one and put his little chickabiddys in that. Though the coop is not pretty and didn't not use high quality woods. It still got an amazing effect that have every advantage of a qualified chicken coop design that we just mentioned in our last post.

You can check into here for more information:
1. No need of complex tools
2. Plans that are easy to implement for building chicken coop
3. You can save a lot of money compared by the other plan
4. A lot of choices that you can choose from different kinds of chicken coops that have various of functions.
5. How to choose the right breed to get more eggs and how to breed chickens easily.
6. How to cure your chickens when they are sick.
and more and more. It also 100% risk free.

Now want to download it?

Download it here: building a chicken coop

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How to design a chicken coop?

Now you know how to choose chicken coop materials, let's move on to discuss about how to design a chicken coop?
There are quite a lot of chicken coop designs that you can find on Internet. But the truth is: many so called "free chicken coop designs" are not convenient to use and will cost you a lot of money to fix in the future or wasted too much money on useless materials or functions.
What is a good chicken coop design? How to design a chicken coop?
When building a chicken coop:
1. Make sure your newly built one are easy to clean. You don't want your beatiful chicken coop became too dirty to clean one day. Or you have to spend several hours cleaning them right?
A good checken coop design is a win-win situation both for you and for you chicken. They love it and use it at ease, so do you, that you can clean them very easily.
2. Bright enough.
Most of you love sunshine, we need sunshine not only because it can turn some elements into Vitamine D but also it keeps us healthy and happy. So does chickens at day time, enough sunshine will enable them to be healthy and happy, and can do more things for you.
3. Ventilation
If you live in a little house with a lot of people, you are more easily to get infected especially when there's not enough ventilation. The situation is just the same, if your chicken coop has not enough ventilation, the chickens will be more easily to get infected.
Now I have told you how to sign when you build a chicken coop, we'll move on to some more exciting stuffs.

Tips for choosing chicken coop materials

When building chicken coops, it's really important to choose proper chicken coop materials. But many people made the wrong decisions when they try to build a chicken coop because they tend to choose cheap materials and when chicken coop break down, they have to spend more money on that.

The first thing is of course the cost, you have to count how much money you should spend, and don't forget to count a little more because there's always unpredictable situation happens that would cost more.

Now you can choose the material that within your budget. How to choose the chicken coop materials? You have to mainly concentrate on two aspects. If it rains a lot, you can choose some materials that are easily to get try or water-proof. If there'are a lot of sunshine, you don't need to consider this in.

Another factor you should consider about is what kind of chicken cook you want to build. You want to build one that can be pulled here and there? Or you just want your chicken coop stayed in one place? If you choose the first, lighter materials will be better; if you want to choose the second, then you can use heavier materials.

The most important is make sure to use materials of high quality.

Chicken Coop: A joke

A little boy and a little girl go every day to play in a chicken coop. One day the little girl comes up to the little boy and says, "We can't play in the chicken coop anymore."
The little boy asks, "Why not?"
The little girl answers, "'Cause I'm growing feathers."
The little boy stares at her in disbelief and says, "No way. Show me."
So she pulls down her pants. He thinks about it for a little while and decides it's not that big of a deal, so they both decide to continue playing in the chicken coop.
A few weeks later the little boy comes up to the little girl and says, "We can't play in the chicken coop anymore."
"Why not?" she asks.
"'Cause," he says, "I'm growing feathers, too."
She looks at him in disbelief and says, "No way. Show me!"
So he pulls down his pants. The little girl's eyes widen, and she says, "You're not just growing feathers, you're also growing a neck and a gizzard!"